July 17, 2020

Hello, Brothers.

Every year we know that many of you look forward to HomeDadCon (HDC) in the Fall. It is truly the one time of year where we get to gather as a Brotherhood in Fatherhood and share in the community that is being at-home dads.

It is in that spirit of community, and for the health and safety of you and your family, that the Board of Directors has decided to officially postpone HDC2020 in Cincinnati until 2021. Given the prevalence of Covid-19 across the country and the inability to hold a large gathering in October in Cincinnati, we felt it important not to endanger you and your loved ones.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to the managers of the Embassy Suites RiverCenter for making this possible. We are working with them to reschedule within the 2021 calendar year. We are also happy to report that this change will not impact the financial stability of the organization.

So, YES, we WILL be going to Cincinnati! We WILL still celebrate 25 years of the at-home dad community coming together and realizing just how important and special we are as caregivers!

So that begs the question: “What about 2020?” We’re glad you asked! Over the last several months, the planning committee has been working on a “NonCon”,  in case the decision about HDC had to be made. It is being planned as a one-day virtual event, much in the spirit of both HDC and our social hours. They are still working out the details, so we don’t have anything to share as of yet, but we are excited about some of the speakers we are lining up, and hope to share them with you soon. So keep your eyes peeled for further updates.

Also, the nominating period for our Brian Dickson Memorial Scholarship has ended, and we will be applying scholarships to those who wish to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime, virtual opportunity for us.

In the meantime, stay home and be safe!

Jonathan Heisey-Grove
President, The National At-Home Dad Network


HomeDadCon — the Annual At-Home Dads Convention — brings primary caregiver dads together from across the country for professional development as dads who embrace parenting as their most important job, to network with other active and involved dads… and for a well deserved chance to relax.

Founded in Chicago in 1996, 2020 will be our 25th year, and we are thrilled to bring the event to Greater Cincinnati!

HomeDadCon is presented by The National At-Home Dad Network, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing advocacy, community, education, and support for families where fathers are the primary caregivers of their children. Our purpose is to empower fathers and champion a culture that recognizes them as capable and competent parents.


More info coming soon!


…at home!  COVID-19 has made it impossible to hold a physical HomeDadCon this year, so we are looking to bring some great content to you in a virtual NonCon format.  Stay tuned!


Thank you so much to our incredible HomeDadCon 2019 sponsors!

HomeDadCon 2016-63

HomeDadCon 2019 could not have happened without our generous sponsors! Thank you!

If you, your brand, or organization are interested in being an official Sponsor for HomeDadCon 2020, we’d love to talk! Please get in touch with us by emailing sponsor@athomedad.org to find out more or request a Sponsorship Packet.


Dad, author, and journalist Josh Levs speaks at HomeDadCon 2015 in Raleigh, NC.

We had a phenomenal group of speakers for HomeDadCon 2019!

Joe Mailander

Grammy Award winning singer, guitarist and songwriter of The Okee Dokee Brothers

Sam Olson

Instructor, Free Forest School

Ryan Plasch

Therapist, Founder of Launchpad Dads

Maura and Bobby Marko

Founders, We Found Adventure

Mark Meier, MSW, LICSW

Executive Director, The Face It Foundation

Brian P. Heilman, MA

Senior Research Officer, Promundo-US

Dr. Anna Machin

Evolutionary Anthropologist, Writer, & Broadcaster

Dr. Leslie Bell

Sociologist, Psychotherapist, & Author

Have an idea?

Do you have an idea for a presentation, speaker, or breakout for HomeDadCon 2020?  We’d love to hear from you!


The Brian Dickson Memorial Scholarship is a fund used to help at-home dads who would like to attend HomeDadCon but cannot because of financial limitations.

Scholarships are funded by sales of our Dads Don’t Babysit t-shirts, as well as by individual donations. If you would like to help support our Scholarship Fund, please use the links to either purchase a shirt or make a donation.

Thank you!

The Brian Dickson Memorial Scholarship is named in honor of our friend and fellow at-home dad Brian Dickson, of Kansas City, Missouri.  Brian passed away in 2007 of cancer a year after the scholarship’s inception.

HomeDadCon is especially important for fathers looking for support from men in similar situations, and attending can dramatically improve the success and well being of at-home dads. “Men who reported high levels of social support reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction and overall were more satisfied in their lives,” according to Dr. Aaron Rochlen, Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Texas-Austin.

The Scholarship amount varies, depending on the travel and accommodation needs of the Scholarship Recipient, but we will do our best to help as many dads as we can, according to their need. Scholarships are limited, so be sure to apply early.

More information on the criteria for the scholarship or how to donate to the scholarship fund can be found by contacting the Scholarship Committee via email at scholarship@athomedad.org.

Scholarship Nominations closed July 15th.

Nominations for the Brian Dickson Memorial Scholarship for HomeDadCon 2020 closed on July 15, 2020.  Winners will be contacted by August 1st.


“Being introverted and shy, I was actually a little afraid I’d spend the whole con either sitting alone at breakouts or in my hotel room. But the brotherhood that we hear about is real – so many guys from different backgrounds introduced themselves and made me feel like one of them. I made great connections, got so much out of it, and came back energized and ready to be the best father I can be.”


“The convention meant so much to me; meeting other at-home dads and being able to develop a sense of worth outside of the 24 hour job that I love so much.”

“HomeDadCon for me was recharging my batteries and meeting some of the best men I have ever met. So much inspiration, care, support and understanding.”


“It was good to hear that the issues I come across here at home are issues that you all come across, but the way we handle them are different, so getting a new perspective on things was a real help.”HomeDadCon offers realistic, practical, in-the-trenches teaching from doctors, psychologists, and authors who understand the ins and outs of fatherhood and child psychology. Pragmatic training for the everyday life as a caring, active father.”


“Going to this is the single best thing I have ever done when it comes to really thriving in the role of the stay-at-home dad.”


“While having fun is an important part of this weekend away from our families it is more an opportunity to strengthen the bond of the brotherhood of this remarkable group of guys. I’m a better husband, dad and man for knowing them.”


“I’ve truly found my tribe.”

“It’s the feeling of walking into a room full of people you never met or only met once and feeling at home. Knowing that everyone there knows what you’re going through and has a solution, or doesn’t have a solution but will buy you a drink and talk with you about it.”

“I’ve been at home with my kids for 5 years, and this is the first time I made it out to to conference, and I’m so glad I did. Over the weekend I experienced an amazing sense of brotherhood and solidarity, and now I know I’m not alone.”



I'm not sure I am a "stay-at-home dad." Is HomeDadCon for me?

In a word: YES. HomeDadCon is for anyone interested in either becoming a better parent, discussing modern fatherhood, or connecting with caregiver dads.

HomeDadCon is particularly designed to be beneficial to dads who are the regular primary caregiver for their child(ren). Most often this is in situations where their partner is the primary breadwinner for the family, but certainly not exclusively, and HomeDadCon is for any caregiver dad regardless of marital or employment status, or the current age of their children. If you are a single dad, or work inside or outside of the home in some capacity, please understand that this is for you too! If you used to be primary caregiver for your kid(s) but now they are school-aged or grown, you’re still part of the tribe and we’d still love to have you.

When should I arrive?

The official dates for HomeDadCon 2019 are September 26-28. Things kick of with a Welcome Party on Thursday evening and we close the convention festivities on Saturday evening. We may also have optional activities to do on Wednesday and Sunday as well.  Check with us for details. The majority of attendees will be arriving on Thursday and departing on Sunday to travel home.

What's included in Registration?

The registration fee includes all official HomeDadCon programming, as well as meals and snacks during official activities, an exclusive HomeDadCon t-shirt, and other goodies from our sponsors.

In addition, your Registration entitles you to be a Voting Member of the National At-Home Dad Network and you will have voting rights during the Annual Meeting portion of the convention, when members of the NAHDN Board of Directors are elected. If you are interested in running for a Board position or finding out more about what is involved, please contact us.

Should I bring my family?

Like any conference or convention, some attendees occasionally bring their families to the HomeDadCon host city with them in order to enjoy some of the sights of the city together before or after the convention as a family vacation. Due to its length and some content, HomeDadCon itself is generally not for children or babes-in-arms, and we cannot provide childcare. However, Minneapolis is a great place to bring the family and enjoy the local attractions. Minneapolis is known for its park system, lakes, theater, arts, and of course, shopping at the Mall of America. So, if you want to turn your HomeDadCon experience into an entire family vacation, we would love for you to do that. We even have a fellow at-home dad that can help with planning your entire trip. You can also browse the following websites to get a feel of our HomeDadCon 2019 location: http://www.meetminneapolis.com and  http://www.exploreminnesota.com

Please contact us for more details if you would like help planning your travel and stay in Minneapolis.

I'm interested in sponsoring HomeDadCon! Who do I talk to?

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting us! Please reach out by emailing us to find out more and request a Sponsorship Packet.

I have an idea for a breakout session, and/or would like to be a speaker. Who do I talk to?

We’d love to hear from you. Please fill out our HomeDadCon Speaker, Breakout, or Panel Submission form.

How can I apply for a Media/Press Pass for HomeDadCon?

If you represent a commercial news outlet and are interested in reporting on HomeDadCon, Media/Press Passes are available in coordination with the organizers only and are limited in number. Passes are subject to the agreement to follow our guidelines in order to ensure privacy to our attendees. Please email us for more information.

While we can’t guarantee all submissions will be chosen, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us for more information.


Questions? Please feel free to drop us a line at one of the following email addresses.

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